Why Choose CQ Ranch

National Livestock

CQ-Ranch have supplied livestock since 1979. We imported the best animals from all over the world and process them here in our very own farm before nation wide distribution. We supplied to agents, hypermarkets, retailers and meat lovers. To date we have supplied more than 100,000 heads of livestock worth more than RM 359,000,000. We believe our pasture raised, organic raised and Syariah compliant livestock are the best in the world. We are delighted to supply directly to you our best.


CQ Ranch Slaughter Team are 100% Muslims.

Disease Free Animals.

All slaughtering process are done in our private Certified Slaugther House.

Our Slaughtermen have vast experienced handling hundreds of livestock slaughter.

The “akkad” of slaughter is being narrated clearly between customer and our slaughterman.

The slaughter area of sheep and goat are separated from slaughter area of bulls increase speed and efficiency.

The slaughter areas are constantly being cleaned in accordance to shariah code and professional rules of conduct.

“Skinning” process are being done using proper tools and equipments.

Highly skilled “Deboning” process ensure maximum meat is obtained to allows more to be given in charity. 

We use digital scale that increases accuracy. The meat and bone are being mixed together before individual packaging is made. This ensures fairness in distribution.

All process of packing and weighing are being supervised by our senior officers.

Different rooms are being used for different customers to avoid cross or mixed order during high traffic.

The meat are individually packed for easier distribution. They are then placed in larger bags to ease in transportation.

“Loading bay” that connects directly to the slaughterhouse.

Visitors and family members can observe the slaughter from a safe and clean distance.

Certificate of Completion is being given as a token of appreciation for the sacrifice that you made.

All our process are being inspected by the Official Meat Inspector from Department of Veterinary Services.

We also receive visits from local authorities that continuously monitor our activities to ensure compliance and quality standards are being abide by.