Sustainable Farming


We breed our own cattle. Our breed of choice is the Kedah Kelantan as it is the best breed to do in Malaysia. It is disease and weather resilient and it has higher meat to bone ration. Therefore, it is the best choice for korban.

Our dairy cows are a mixture of Jersey Freisien and Thai Freisien.

We also supply live goats and sheep in local market. Our team is super busy during festive seasons such as eid adha, school holidays and maal hijrah.

All our animals are Pasture Raised and Grass Fed. They graze happily on our farm. Our farms are also chemical-free therefore you are served the healthiest livestock in Malaysia.

Infrastructures and Pastures

CQ Ranch owns the First Private Slaughter-House in Malaysia. We also have a 60,000 chiller, a feedlot area that can accommodate 5,000 heads of cattle, Herringbone milking parlour.

We also operate a that converts dungs to fertilizers. Our waste management system can shelter 3,000 heads of animals all over the farm.

Our fodder consist of different types of grasses to feed various animals. They are chemical free and organic. This ensures our animals are healthy and our farm is clean.

Machinery and Tools

We yearned to become a fully mechanized large-scale farm. We custom our tools and vehicles to make it suitable for our far. This help to speed up the farm production to catch up with demand.

In 2020, we further explore the use technology to increase our efficiency and production. We are partnering with universities and MDEC on these projects.

We uses drones to track progress and monitor our perimeter. We uses Artificial Insemination method for our dairy cows and we milk at our automatic herringbone milking parlor station.