Korban & Akikah

Definitions of Ibadah Korban and Akikah

Ibadah Korban. Korban is an obligation that we are commanded to perform by Allah (swt). Therefore, it is vital that we follow the Korban meat distribution rules and regulations. Korban must be performed on the tenth, eleventh and twelfth days of Dhul-Hijjah, the time of the festival of Eidil-Adha. Meat from Korban animals should be distributed equally in three parts. It should be given to the family, friends and the poor (both Muslim and non-Muslim alike). If you perform korban with a partner/partners, the meat should be shared by weight, not by approximation.

Ibadah Akikah. The birth of a child is a great blessing and gift from Allah SWT that Muslims around the world celebrate with family, friends and loved ones. One of the many ways this is celebrated is through Akikah. Akikah is the act of sacrificing an animal to mark the occasion of a child’s birth. Ideally, this should be performed seven days after the birth of the child.

The animals used for sacrifice during Akikah are similar to those at Korban. Traditionally, a goat or sheep may be sacrificed for Akikah but this can also be a cow or camel. Just like the conditions of sacrifice for Korban, that animal must be in good health and be slaughtered in a humane way.

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We are limiting our delivery area to only Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Kuala Lumpur for this year.


We have our own slaughter house in the farm. Skilled, well trained, and experienced workers.


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