Values and Principles

Learn About Our Core Values

We undertake the oath to raise and care for animals as per the Syariah law. We observe the values of Habil, son of Adam who cared and nurtured its crops and gave his best for his sacrifice and we apply that in throughout our operation. We hope Allah will be pleased with your sacrifice from our efforts.

Animal Welfare

Animals should be treated with care. They are living creatures with psychological needs. They feel pain and love.

Our slogan is “a happier animal is a healthier animal”. This has resulted to a higher breeding rate and higher beef quality for our consumption.

Therefore, we uses animal friendly approaches such as integrated farming, RFID necklaces and rotational grazing methods. All our livestock are pasture raised.

As a result, our farm is clean of diseases and our production is the healthiest and cleanest in Malaysia.

Co- Existence

Animals and humans should live side by side. The advancement of technology should allow us to co-exist side by side and create a more hospitable earth.

We share our farm with wild animals such as elephants and tapirs. In fact, we have managed to preserve our nature that certain endangered species start to frequent our farm.

We are happy to create a safe space for these animals. We work with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to help us maintain our biodiversity and restore balance.