Our Cattle Queen



Chief Executive Officer

Her journey started way back from 1997 where she used to help her father to care for water buffaloes in her hometown in Temerloh, Pahang. Born as the eldest to a father who is a doctor and a mother who is nurse, she knew what caring for the living means.

In year 2007, she enrolled in Tunku Abdul Rahman College for Diploma in Accounting with a scholarship. Upon graduation she pursued her ACCA all by herself. She completed it with flying colours in each sitting and became an ACCA and MIA member since 2015.

Despite being offered to work in multinational companies, she has always been passionate about using her resources and ability to help the community. She decided to honor her father’s passion in farming and transformed CQ-Ranch to be far more dynamic and resourceful. She believes the community should be strong rather than relying on big companies only.

Tragic struck her, when her beloved father passed away in a car accident near the farm. 15 months later, her beloved husband succumbed to his sickness and was buried right next to him. The pain was too much for most people, yet she endured and march forward. Now, she rise and determine to propel the business even further. The path is made clear, she is honoring this.

In her own words; “it is not about Being the best, but it’s about Giving the best to be Better”. We believe in her leadership and belief. The farm will certainly succeed under her leadership.