Company History

CQ-Ranch Background

The farm sits on a beautiful landscape of hills, low-lands and vast plains between Kluang and Mersing. It is a home to our animals and our dear family. Our livestock roam free in our grazing fields. We build our infrastructures and operation that complements mother earth.

Our buildings include office, slaughter-house, chiller rooms, feedlot, milking stations, fertilizers sheds, heavy machinery hall, workers and management quarters as well as animal sheds and nursing stations. All of our infrastructures are built by professionals and certified safe. Our borders are patrolled by drones on daily basis and we adhere to strict bio-security procedures to visitors that comes in.

We grow secondary jungle to serve as natural sheds and wind breakers to protect our farm. This also encourages healthy pollination for our pastures. We believe when we take care of the eco-system well, she will be kind to us and our animals. We witness this kindness by being the only Foot and Mouth Disease Free Farm in Malaysia since 2005. A happy animal is a healthy animal. A healthy animal comes from a healthy farm.

CQ-Ranch Team